• Fat Handsome Brown's Big Ass Cookout

Fat Handsome Brown's Big Ass Cookout

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Celebrating 10 Years with BBQ in the Beer Garden

Having us a lil get-together on 9/9 to celebrate our tenth year farming! Be advised: this is an informal southern cookout at my homeboy's brewery in Montross; not so much a fancypants plated farm dinner. All you can eat or until we run TF out of food and drank, whichever comes first.

Come enjoy:

  • Tacky cookout music
  • Meeting the demented people of Sylvanaqua Farms
  • All you can eat pastured meats BBQ, specials from Chef Nino,and  southern sides, including that elusive family mac & cheese from Instagram
  • Annie's famous pies (2 slices per ticket)
  • Ask Chris anything; talk cooperative ag, cooking, farming, cigars, bourbon, interior decorating, homesteading, or whatevz you want
  • Chickensh*t bingo and/or Spades/Tonk tournament and/or Snake Dance
  • Golden hour farm tour (logistics permitting)