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Mutual Aid Shares

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Whether you buy 1 share or 1,000, when you contribute toward Mutual Aid, you're buying a part of our harvest that we will then deliver to food aid organizations in Washington, D.C., Richmond, Baltimore, Charlottesville, the cities of the Virginia Tidewater (Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton Roads, Suffolk, Portsmouth), and our home base of Westmoreland County, Virginia.

The food is delivered to food aid organizations, including the D.C. Fridge Collective, Dreaming Out Loud, Black Yield Institute, Native American Lifelines of Baltimore, RVA Community Fridges, the Choptico Band of Piscataway Indians, The Haven Shelter, the Northern Neck Food Bank, Downtown Greens, Food Justice DMV, and a number of smaller food pantries run out of religious and social institutions throughout the Chesapeake region. If you have a food aid organization in our area that you'd like to receive food to distribute for free, please email farmers@sylvanaqua.com.

Because we a.) don't have to market this food, and b.) don't have to deliver it the last mile, we're able to grow and distribute this food for well under wholesale price. By way of example:

$60 secures a case of 15 dozen pasture-raised eggs
$150 secures a 20-pound case of grass-fed ground beef
$200 secures a case of 15 whole pasture-raised chickens
$500 secures a forest-raised half pig